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Without a straight line anywhere, this original creation seems to just flow into itself. The strong, yet fluid features of the twisting, angled, wishbone, trestle creates an elegant transition into the sculpted framework that supports the top. This table is completely hand-carved, with chisels, out of Appalachian Black Walnut. The framework for the top is joined using haunched, lap joints then carved with one radius against the other at intersection. The legs of the trestle are cut and carved from 5" x 5" Walnut stock, using hand-cut, through, mortise and tenon. All other joints are mortise and tenon. The table is finished out using an aging process and coated with lacquer. 


Dimensions - 51" long x 31" wide x 18" high

Flow, Japanese Inspired, Sculpted, Coffee Table

Please allow 8 to 12 weeks for table to be made from date of order.
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